A Summary of the Plan

Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan
A: Bronx Kill Waterfront Park – site
of Native American settlement and burial ground; last significant open green space on the Mott Haven-Port Morris waterfront; lines the Bronx Kill waterway; directly connects to the Randall’s Island Connector”
B: Park Avenue Boat Launch and Waterfront Park  already
green space; one of the few areas with actual water access not blocked
by Oak Point Link rail; already being used as an ad hoc fishing and boat
launch site
C: Lincoln Avenue Waterfront Park
easily accessible by pedestrians; already being used as an ad hoc
fishing site; provides direct access to the waterfront; renderings have
already been prepared by local architects; MIT produced a plan for this
site in 2011
D: Alexander Avenue Extension of Lincoln Avenue Waterfront Park – easily accessible by pedestrians; vacant and unused site; community blocked by fence and guard; directly connected to Mott Haven antique district
E: East 132nd Street Pier – previously
a pier here (and even a floating pool in 1902); in the 1980s, a ConEd
explosion destroyed the pier, and the company never replaced it;
currently residents crawling through holes in the fence to fish along
the banks of the shore
F: Historic Port Morris Gantries -stands
as a reminder of NYC’s rich nautical heritage; in 1902, the gantries
fostered the development of a market, hotels and restaurants; recognized
by the Historic Districts Council during its “Six to Celebrate” program
on the basis of architectural and historic merit of the area; full
reviatlization renderings have already been completed
G: Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Connecting Path – connecting
West to East – Melrose to Hunts Point – the waterfront connecting path
would weave through and around existing uses on the waterfront to
connect the six interrelated projects, and also connecting to the
“Randall’s Island Connector” near completion now

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