B – Park Avenue Boat Launch Waterfront Park

This site is located on Park Avenue where it meets the Harlem River and is west of the Major Deegan Expressway. It is already green space, and the site cannot be built on. It is one of the few areas with actual water access and is not blocked by the Oak Point Link rail. It is already being used as an ad hoc fishing and boat launch site. This coastal site is also important because it is located in a Zone B flood zone of an SMIA, and this proposal can help mitigate the effects of climate change on the waterfront in the future. It is also within an area proposed for elimination from the SMIA designation and is included in Vision 2020 NYC Comprehensive Waterfront Plan. The site is also included in the NYC Parks Department Harlem River Watershed and Natural Resources Management Plan for the Bronx.

PennDesign Bx Biolab Presentation/Renderings #1

PennDesign Bx Biolab Presentation/Renderings #2