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Building H.E.ARTS (Health, Education & the Arts) – Feasibility Report Done!

As a community sponsor of the Mott Haven-Port Morris Community Land Stewards community land trust (CLT), South Bronx Unite has now completed a Feasibility Report for the economically sustainable and adaptive re-use and transformation of the city-owned and vacant Lincoln Detox Center into a center for health (H), education (E) and the arts (ARTS) – H.E.ARTS.

Expanding on the rich history of the building and reversing its existing state of deterioration, our CLT aims to acquire and convert the 22,750 square foot building into a community-owned asset. The building will contain offices, meeting areas, a culinary arts kitchen, classrooms and performance spaces which will house local organizations facing displacement that have been doing critical work in the South Bronx for decades.

The Feasibility Report is the outcome of an ongoing process of community engagement, which has included several large scale envisioning sessions, report backs and festivals. Baretto Bay Strategies conducted an extensive space allocation and economic projection analysis. Bagchee Architects did historical and architectural research and afterwards created the pre-schematic design proposal. KMP Design & Engineering did the MEPS recommendations and preliminary cost estimating. The H.E.ARTS Feasibility Report combines the metrics of zoning, site, building and economic analysis into the conceptual mission and design framework for the H.E.ARTS Community Center. The project has already received letters of support from Congressman Jose Serrano and Councilwoman Diana Ayala.

 Here you will find the full feasibility study

See more info here If you are interested in getting involved with this effort, let us know.

Waterfront Celebration – Mott Haven-Port Morris

When: Saturday, July 16, 11-4 pm
Where: Lincoln Avenue Waterfront (south of East 132nd Street)


  • International Musical Line-up – including:
  • Bandistan Ensemble * – Musicians from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • Plenatorium – contemporary interpretation of traditional Puerto Rican plena
  • UpBeat – South Bronx children’s orchestra
  • DJ Manny – Mott Haven’s own resident DJ
  • BBQ – with Mott Haven resident garbage can grill master Jake
  • Water Activities – water testing, canoeing and fishing (with a $50 1st place prize for the largest fish)
  • Unveiling of the Lincoln Avenue and Alexander Avenue Waterfront Renderings from UPenn – based off of the Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan


From land and from water, join us for a celebration of South Bronx resiliency and public waterfront accessibility.  Despite nine miles of public, state-owned waterfront land along the Mott Haven-Port Morris peninsula of the South Bronx, community members currently do not have a single public access point. This special waterfront event – part of the city-wide Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance’s City of Water Day – celebrates the efforts of the community to build bridges to the public waterfront.


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Jane’s Walk NYC – SBX Hyper Speculation

Jane’s Walk NYC – Hyper Speculation Without Community Participation

Saturday, May 7, 2016

11:00 am – meet at 271 Alexander Ave (6 train to 3rd Avenue/138th Street)

Part of the 6th annual Jane’s Walk NYC, organized by the Municipal Art Society, this public walk will take participants through the neighborhood of Mott Haven-Port Morris in the South Bronx, the heart of one of the most important fights against environmental racism (causing 1 in 4 kids to have asthma) and, now, against unprecedented real estate speculation (with 11 market rate residential developments and 6 hotels being given permits within the last year to begin construction.) Participants will walk through the community’s historic districts, commercial strips and contentious waterfront zone and learn about rich local arts and artists, community land trust initiatives, locally-designed waterfront plans and city policies that have disproportionately saturated the zone with fossil fuel power plants, waste transfer stations and diesel trucking operations, including FreshDirect. Participants will also travel the path of proposed market rate residential towers (where, to live there, would require a salary nearly seven times the local average median income), and they will learn about the community’s efforts at confronting hyper real estate speculation that threatens mass displacement.