Power in Place: Building Community Wealth and Well-Being in Mott Haven-Port Morris

Out of more than 100 applications city-wide, we were selected as one of two projects to become long-term Design Trust collaborations under a model that connects our community with Design Trust staff, a group of Design Trust Fellows (one of whom is our own community’s Dr. Monxo López!) and other community partners. Our project – Power in Place: Building Community Wealth and Well-being in Mott Haven-Port Morris – is a community asset mapping and planning project that will support our community land trust, the Mott-Haven-Port Morris Community Land Stewards. The project will make the case for community prioritized use of land by (i) creating a GIS (geographic information system) framework to identify opportunities, constraints, and requirements for the creation and use of public space; (ii) developing a community-driven plan, incorporating the myriad of existing plans (from Pratt, CUNY, MIT, Penn Design and Columbia, among others), to create new and strengthen existing public space utilizing the CLT model; (iii) re-engaging the community and stakeholders for input and direction; and (iv) building a communication toolkit that will strengthen advocacy and education about the CLT model.

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