FreshDirect Dumps Fleet of Damaged Trucks on South Bronx Waterfront


On Saturday, November 10, 2012, FreshDirect discarded its fleet of trucks destroyed in superstorm Sandy on the South Bronx waterfront. Upwards of 65 diesel trucks were disposed of by the company in a neighborhood itself reeling from the damage of the storm, where calls from South Bronx residents to DEP for an investigation of toxicity from storm surges in the area went unanswered.
“FreshDirect has no respect for our community,” stated Monxo Lopez, Mott Haven resident and member of South Bronx Unite. “Last weekend, our community gathered aid for victims of Sandy, and two days ago, we attended a fundraiser for a local business that was flooded. Why would FreshDirect dump 780,000 pounds of their garbage on our waterfront when we, too, are trying to recover from the storm? added Mychal Johnson, resident and Community Board 1 member.

FreshDirect offloaded its destroyed vehicles on the South Bronx waterfront over strong objections from environmental lawyers for the community suing the company for a full environmental impact statement of the effects of the proposed project which would add upwards of 1,000 daily truck trips through a neighborhood where asthma rates are already eight times the national average.
Stop dumping on the South Bronx! If FreshDirect had installed a range of vehicle trackers maybe they’d be a little more careful where they disposed of their damaged trucks!

3 thoughts on “FreshDirect Dumps Fleet of Damaged Trucks on South Bronx Waterfront”

  1. If SouthBronxUnite genuinely wishes to improve conditions in MottHaven there are far better places they can focus their annoyance. The south Bronx has an historical role in light industrial service all through the Mott Haven/Bruckner corridor that goes back almost 200 years to the JL Mott Iron Works founded in 1828, and that role in NYC industry continues proudly to this day.

    Everyone is in this recovery effort together but this kind of adolescent whining in the face of overwhelming destruction just sounds petty and meanspirited. Unless you can evidence unlawful intent you might as well complain to the devastated homeowners out on Breezy point for littering the beaches.

    I live in the south Bronx and I love living here and I embrace our sense of community. But I’m calling for a smarter and higher-minded agenda than this. SouthBronxUnite’s voice might gather a sorely needed credibility when they learn to choose their battles more wisely.

  2. If relocation/expansion efforts were already announced and underway to either those boroughs, Manhatta, I'd agree with you. Absolutely. Bringing a new facility and jobs to Manhattan or Brooklyn while storing storm-damaged trucks here would be unfortunate and worthy of this attention.

    But not as it is. FreshDirect is bringing their business–realistically the bad as well as the good–to the south Bronx. This should be common knowledge.

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