Harlem River Working Group Meeting (Emergency Change of Location due to FreshDirect Decision)

Please join us at the HRWG meeting (see details below). Both Senator Serrano’s chief of staff and Councilmember Foster’s chief of staff will be attending!
We have changed our meeting to a place in Community Board 1 due to the situation that has been occurring around FreshDirect.
The Emergency Change of Location
Harlem River Working Group Meeting
Thursday, February 16, 2012
6-8 pm
East Side Settlement House Cafeteria
201 St. Ann’s Avenue
(at the corner of 137th Street – 1 block from Brook Avenue)
Directions: Take the 6 Train to Brook Avenue Stop.
NOTE:  5pm, HRWG members may want to meet at the corner of 132nd and St Ann’s Avenue to discuss the Highbridge Yards Site and walk to the site of the Proposed Greenway connector at 132nd and the Amtrack Bridge.
Please send other agenda items for the meeting ASAP.
Thank you for your understanding about the last minute changes!!

One thought on “Harlem River Working Group Meeting (Emergency Change of Location due to FreshDirect Decision)”

  1. What about our children that go to school right by most of highways in our neighborhood, do they have a right as other New Yorkers to breathe clean air? What about the unemployed person that only wants to work to feed their family, do they deserve to earn a living wage without being exploited by an employer who only cares about the bottom line? What's wrong with advocating for the voiceless, caring for the unhealthy, being our brother's and sister'e keeper. Without demands we get what the Indigenous of this country received, hollow promises, diseased blanks and their lands taken. Look beyond what you're told. No one who has been speaking up on this issue has asked for anything for themselves, but they having been demanding everthing for their community. What will you do for your community?

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